About Me

me & my sweet puppy RYDER BOY
when i'm not busy in the kitchen...i'm giving him kisses xo
Who am I? Just your average food snob. And I'm here to share my diary of great food and the recipes that make them, as I attempt to master the art of cooking, baking, and well...as for eating, I think I got that one down :) 

The truth is I have always loved learning how to bake. I was that little girl with the mini kitchen set and the easy bake oven. I made my first homemade pie when I was 11-years-old...and the kitchen adventures didn't stop there. However, those adventures did disappear for a bit while I was in college. I spent too much time studying, which left me with little time for creativity in the kitchen. Cooking my own meal eventually became a foreign concept.

 After finishing nursing school in 2010, I had a lot of extra time on my hands {being unemployed and all}. So I regressed back to the good old days. Like when I spent hours baking every treat you could imagine, or whipping up an entire dinner for my family to enjoy. I'm back in the kitchen to keep busy & can't wait to share all of it with you

XOXO....little j 

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