Friday, December 10, 2010

Red Velvet Cake Pops

Red Velvet Cake Pops
I found the recipe for these cake pops the other week & decided that they would be a great item to bring to an upcoming holiday potluck. Apparently, the concept of "cake pops" has been around for a few years, after blogger Bakerella thought of the idea. Her cake pops were a hit & she has already published her first book that'll show you all the "how-to's" on getting creative with your cake pops (like realllyyy creative--with faces & different shapes--that kind of stuff). Gosh, why can't I think of cool ideas like that?! 

Anyhow, I love the concept of the the cake pops because you can get creative yourself by mixing up what cake & frosting flavors you choose. You can also purchase the candy melts in a variety of colors, such as white, brown, turquoise, & red. And of course you can get creative with your toppings. You can drizzle chocolate, use sprinkles, or even some crushed cookies (like Oreos!). Whatever you choose to do...these little cake pops (or you can make them into "cake balls" without the lollipop stick) will turn out great!! My mind went crazy thinking of all the different ways I could make the cake pops, but I decided to go with what a lot of other bloggers said was the best one....the Red Velvet Cake Pop. And I'm glad I did :) XOXO....little j Y

Red Velvet Cake Pops
Recipe from: Bakerella
Makes 50 Cake Pops

1 box red velvet cake mix (+ ingredients on box needed to make it)
¾ tub cream cheese frosting
1 bag white chocolate candy melts (find them @ Michael’s)
1 bag dark cocoa candy melts
1 package 4-inch lollipop sticks (you’ll need @ least 50 for this recipe)
sweetened flaked coconut
white nonpareils (sprinkles)
chocolate jimmies (sprinkles)
Styrofoam slab (cover with saran wrap)

Step 1: Begin by making the red velvet cake mix, according to the directions listed on the box. Line a 13 x 9 pan with foil, spray it with butter, then fill with the cake batter. Follow baking directions on the box. Let cake cool completely before moving to the next step.

Step 2: After the cake has cooled, put chunks into a food processor & process until crumbs form. If you do not have a food processor, you may also do this by breaking the cake into crumbs by using your hands. But…beware! If you choose to make a red velvet cake, the red dye will discolor your hands a bit. Place all cake crumbs into a large bowl.

Step 3: Add ¾ tub of cream cheese frosting into the cake crumb bowl & mix gently. The crumbs will form together with the frosting, creating a moist dough. After thoroughly incorporated, start forming the cake balls. I used a 1 ½ inch ice cream scoop to measure out the dough and then I rolled it into a ball with my hands. After rolling out all the cake balls, place them in the fridge to set. If you do not have much time, place them in the freezer to speed up the process. (*Note: You may do Steps 1-3 a day ahead. It’s important that the balls are cold before moving onto the next step, otherwise the lollipop sticks will fall out easily.)
Rolled out & ready for the fridge!
Step 4: Melt 1 bag of the chocolate candy melts, according to the instructions on the bag. Or, you can microwave them at 30-second intervals, stirring every time in between, until the chocolate is completely melted. Once melted, take your cake balls out from the fridge. Dip the tip of a lollipop stick into the melted chocolate and then stick it about halfway into a ball. Let the chocolate set and harden before dipping the ball completely into the chocolate.

Step 5: After you have your lollipop sticks in your cake balls, you are ready DIP & DECORATE them. Have your Styrofoam slab (covered in saran wrap so it can be reused again) and your sprinkles set out in a bowl. Dip the cake pop into the chocolate & tap the lollipop stick on the side of the bowl to get any excess chocolate off. Decorate with sprinkles, coconut, or cookie crumbs (what ever you want!) before the chocolate hardens. Place finished cake pop into Styrofoam to set.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 4-5 using the other bag of chocolate candy melts.

Line on the styrofoam to set.

Look at ALLLL those cake pops!!! :)